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Celebrate your New years the Greek Way

Come celebrate your New years at Estia Greek Taverna & Bar, the Greek way! We will be offering free Chapagne toasts, and Party clappers(noise makers)
Make your reservation today at Opentable.com, or scroll down to find the intergrated reservation box. 

About Estia

The word” Estia” is derived from Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth. Hestia in Greek means fireplace (hearth) and focus, core, center, source, seat, breeding –ground, hotbed, spot. The Goddess Hestia is the center of home, the welcoming warming fire at the heart of home. Her duty is to always keep the fire burning, a source of light and warmth.

Quality Service

    Here at Estia Greek Taverna and Bar, you will recieve the finest of Service. All of our staff have been trained and been in the field for a long time to make sure that our customers are Satisfied.